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Our school focuses on the achievement of all children. We measure achievement in the same way as schools across Jersey and the U.K. Pupils’ achievement is measured in two ways: their progress and their attainment. Progress measures how far the child achieves from their starting point. Attainment measures how high they achieve. For example, a child with a low starting point may make far more progress in their learning than a child who finishes the year with higher attainment. Together, progress and attainment measures tell us how well children achieve at school.

The standards that the pupils reach, when judged against Island and UK national expectations, show that pupils in Springfield School achieve well. Over the past three years the trend in attainment, in the core subjects of English (writing and reading), Maths and Science, is upward.

When the youngest children enter the school, in the Reception class, they are assessed using standardised criteria and this shows that the majority of children require significant support on entry to school. The school has very good pupil assessments and tracking procedures that show by the end of the Foundation Stage, children have made significant progress although language areas remain below national expectations.

At the end of the key stage 1, trend analysis for the past three years shows some cohort variation but an overall improvement in attainment in maths and English especially at level 2. Given the starting points of pupils in the Foundation Stage, level 3 attainment is good including pupils with SEN. Progress measures in Key stage 1 show very good progress overall.

At key stage 2, attainment over the past three years shows some cohort variations. English attainment is regularly at or above 80% at level 4, and maths is only slightly lower.  English for more able pupils has improved dramatically   both in writing and reading.

The school has developed extensive procedures for collecting data and uses a sophisticated pupil-tracking tool. The progress that all children make in the Foundation Stage up to the end of Key Stage 2 (year 6) is measured. Analysis of this information shows that the pupils make very good progress throughout the Reception class, Key Stage 1 and 2.

Please click on the link below to view our 2013 - 2015 Progress and Attainment Data (updated December 2015).